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Do you need a Mobile App which runs on both Android and Apple iOS? Or do you need an application to improve your business process efficiency? Or maybe a Website or Web Shop to get your name out and raise sales?


Whether it is a Mobile App, an advanced web application, a website or Web shop. I create the application which suits your needs, an application of the highest quality and which runs smoothly and exactly the same on all devices.

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RoamerSoft stands for freedom; the freedom to follow dreams. I create possibilities with the newest technologies, possibilities to realize dreams.

Creating such possibilities is not going to work by just working on a list of requirements and handing over the result. No, it requires me to really understand your dream. What is it what you want to accomplish? What is the end goal? Which possibilities can we use and which techniques fits the best to realize it?

So, why RoamerSoft? You choose to work with me if you want to follow your dreams, just like myself. Dreams can be big or small. A simple website to get your name out into the open or that mobile app which will change the world. I can create the possibilities for you to follow your dreams.

My dream can be found at the bottom of this page. What is your dream?

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Client Promise

The promise that I make to all my clients is that I deliver high quality products and services which are giving real value to the client’s main goal and that it makes no difference for whether the way of working or the results if I work remotely or on a specific location.

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Working Method

Everything starts with a first introduction. Online, by using a video call. I travel a lot and I am staying all over the world and because of that I work only remote. With the use of the video call we can get to know each other a bit better. This is essential because it is important for me to understand what you precisely trying to accomplish. The next step is to figure out which possibilities we can use and which technique fits the best.

RoamerSoft Working Method

We start working right away after we have figured out the plan in guidelines. We? Yes, you and me. Software development is teamwork and it is very unpredictable how the plans will work out. We cut the big project into smaller pieces and I start developing those with the highest value and priority first. I will create those pieces in short cycles of 2 weeks and we discuss the results and any improvements afterwards. After that, we can set the new priority for the next two weeks. We keep doing this cycle until the product has become the possibility which get you a step closer to your main goal.

I will make sure, with the right preparation and a clear structure, that our contact moments are fast and smooth. There is no need to spend hours of your time when it is not adding the highest possible value to the result.

Do you want to know more about my working method or do you have any other question? Please, feel free to contact me. I would be happy help.

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RoamerSoft Working Method


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Bas Gerritsen

Software Developer

Please feel free to contact me.

About My


Quite cold! Is what I say out loud while I am standing in the water to my hips. Come on Bas! You are standing here for ages, is what I am telling myself. What should those people think of me? 1, 2, 3… Splash! I dive into the water and take a couple of strokes. A feeling of freedom and happiness is rushing through my veins. I swim to the surface with a big smile on my face. I take in my famous sea star position and start floating on the salty sea. I hate my life, is what I am saying laughing loudly.

My thoughts bring me back to the last 6 months. I have been working so hard on that mobile application for my client who lives in the Netherlands. I spent all my time and passion in this project, working fully remote from my apartment in Sydney, Australia. My client is happy as hell, the last invoice is paid and I am totally ready for the next adventure. Backpacking! This time I am going to New Zealand for 3 months and 3 months to the USA afterwards. I will end up in New York eventually and start working for 6 months again. I am going to be working on my own application this time which is standing in the top 10 of both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Happily, I swim back to the beach. I see my friends standing ready with a couple of ice-cold beers. Yeah, this is my life. My life being a ‘Digital Nomad’!

The dream standing above developed through the years until what it is now. It went fast especially while I was studying. I learned what is really important in life and that there is no need to do what everybody else is doing. I learned which possibilities there are to accomplish my dream and after my study it was time to go for it.

I have chosen to combine my 2 biggest passions. Software development and traveling. Making applications with the newest technologies and creating possibilities for my clients with it. Making a difference in an organization with my technical solutions. Doing this while traveling, without having a final destination. Making the world my home, living as a roamer. With this thought, RoamerSoft was born!

Nowadays, I am proud to tell that I have helped multiple of my clients to mobile apps, advanced web applications, web shops and websites. Besides, I have seen a big part of Southeast Asia. I guess this is a nice start, right?

Bas Gerritsen

Bas Gerritsen

Software Developer

Please feel free to contact me.