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Have a mobile app developed that runs on both Android and Apple iOS? Looking for a full stack software developer to develop your custom web application?


Whether it's a hybrid app, a web application, a website or webshop. I make the application that suits your goal to be achieved. As full stack software developer I have everything I need to make your project a success

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“Choose a full stack software developer specialising in cross-platform mobile apps and web development”

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Not a simple programmer, but an entrepreneur who thinks along with you and offers you advice.

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A good design, solid foundation and efficient coding ensure the highest quality.

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Let me ease your mind with a clear planning, to-the-point communication and effective anticipation.

Future Proof

Scalability and transferability are making your application independent and future ready.

An All-In-One Solution

As full stack software developer I take care of both the front-end and the back-end.

A Hybrid App

An application that runs on Android, iOS and on the web thanks to the latest cross platform technologies.

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“Not an uncomfortable nerd, but an entrepreneur who thinks along with you, advises you and understands his trade”

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Bas Gerritsen

Bas Gerritsen

Full Stack Software Developer

“Remain independent with forward-looking, expandable software and plug-and-play transfer functionality.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name RoamerSoft?

It refers to my lifestyle. I don't want to commit myself to a fixed place or country, but to go wherever I want. “Roamering the world” is one of my greatest passions. When I combined this with my other great passion, software development, I came up with RoamerSoft.

Do you work remotely 100%?

Yes, I live like a so-called digital nomad. This means that I am not tied to a fixed location and often work from abroad.

How do you ensure the best possible contact with your customers?

Today's technology make physical contact moments superfluous. Of course it is possible to make calls, but for many customers, e-mails, WhatsApp and video calls are the best solution.

What is a full stack developer?

As a full stack developer I can realise both the frontend (that which the customer sees) and the backend (the central heart of the system). For example, on the backend I create a so-called API that can provide the frontend.

What programming languages do you specialise in?

Programming languages such as C#, Java and PHP are anything but new to me, but my speciality is TypeScript and Node.js. I have a lot of experience with frameworks such as Angular, Ionic and NestJS.

What is a hybrid (cross platform) app?

In the early days of apps, you had to develop a separate app for each system (Android, iOS, etc...). Nowadays a hybrid app is the solution for most projects. This allows me to develop an app with a single codebase that runs on both Android and Apple iOS. Two birds with one stone!

Can you also set up/manage servers?

Definitely! In addition to my Bachelor Degree Software Engineer, I also have a level 4 ICT management degree. I can set up and maintain your sever in the Cloud environment of my partner TransIP.

How do you make sure I don't become too dependent on you?

A good software engineer works with the future in mind and ensures that his product is extensible and transferable. Think of clear comments in the code and clear to the point documentation. I am also developing the popular technique 'Docker' which makes it possible to move the software plug and play to another server.