The super toolkit for every computer repair store!

I succeeded with IT-Toolkit to reduce repetitive tasks to the minimum in computer stores with a repair department. Most of them are using a large number of software solutions to maintain and repair their customers’ computers. IT-Toolkit is the solution to the problem that all those software solutions are downloaded over and over again or scavering around on multiple USB-sticks. IT-Toolkit provides a platform on which the software can easily be stored and maintained. Besides that, IT-Toolkit includes an advanced backup system by which the user can make a full backup of a customer’s pc with only one button pressed. Not only the files are backed up but also the license keys, email settings and personal settings. Of course, restoring the backup is just as easily done within the platform.

Technics: PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap and Batch Scripting.
Date: September 2017
Client: CompuStore
Services: Web Development

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